AG2 Trader

A weather decision-support platform that provides a comprehensive global view of the latest 15-day forecast, including dynamic alerts and notifications

Trader is the premier weather decision-support platform for the global commodity markets. Providing support for North American, European, Asian & Australian traders, a comprehensive global outlook is delivered in a single, easy-to-use platform. With a focus on forecast skill and delivering information first-to-market, AG2 Trader is designed to maximize your trading opportunities. AG2 Trader provides you all the tools to quickly and confidently assess weather’s impact on the market. Now when sitting at home, riding the train to work or simply away from your trading desk, you can easily and quickly access the key AG2 Trader content via the Trader Android app.

Features and Benefits

Interpret the forecast

Quickly view the latest forecast from The Weather Company and other third party forecasts and see how it has changed.

Access 15 days of forecast data

Use a full two weeks of forecast data, providing 15 days of weather patterns, allowing for better quantification of demand in weeks two and three.

View weighted modeled data

Visualize easy-to-read, weighted model forecasts for each power/gas region and country in both tabular and graphical formats.

Customizable dashboard

The Trader homepage includes forecast alerts and product notifications, a configurable forecast table, a view of the latest weather data, region-weighted forecasts, an interactive map and more.

Personalized data accessible anywhere

Create up to eight customizable city lists, configure forecast alerts and product notifications and access your customized settings from any computer.

Real-time weighted model forecasts

Model data is quantified and presented for key ISOs, countries and gas regions in an actionable format via tables and graphs that are updated in real time. This platform also provides the ability to visualize all model runs over the past 24 hours and compare to the latest forecast data.

Quick visual assessment tools

Visualize in one display the forecast uncertainty for the next 15 days for any city or region, including historical and forecast precipitation graphics centered over the key hydro regions. You can also view three-day hub-height wind speed forecasts centered over key wind regions, and visualize the movement of fronts and pressure centers over the past 24 hours as well as for the next two days.

Premium forecasting features available

Trader Premium Package gives commodity traders, analysts and meteorologists access to the latest weather forecasting technology serving global markets. Gain a competitive advantage to maximize your time and increase your revenue by adding these enhancements to your subscription.

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