Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Valued Customer,

We are excited to announce that Atmospheric G2 (AG2) has acquired WSI Trader from IBM which includes WSI Trader and related products. This is effective July 1, 2021. The most important objective for AG2 and IBM for this transaction has been and will be to ensure a seamless transition so that Trader customers can continue to rely on WSI Trader as their trusted source for weather decision support.

Below is an FAQ to answer questions you may have regarding this transaction. Should you have additional questions, contact information is included below.

1. Who is Atmospheric G2?

Atmospheric G2 (AG2) is a new company whose mission is to enable customers to make more confident decisions as it relates to weather and atmospheric information. Trader represents the first of many investments in the space.

The leadership team of AG2 is comprised of experienced executives with a long history in risk management, data, analytics and AI. They will augment the current WSI Trader team who will move to AG2 as part of this transaction.

2. Why did IBM sell Trader to AG2?

IBM continually evolves its portfolio based on its strategy. When AG2 approached IBM with the idea to acquire Trader and make new investments for the benefit of the Trader customers, it became a “win-win-win” situation. For IBM, the win was opportunity to provide new value to their customers as many Trader customers are also broader IBM customers. For AG2, the win was being able to put renewed focus and investment into Trader that IBM has not be able to prioritize, that the customers deserve. And for Trader customers, the win will be a new trajectory of innovation in a product they have come to trust.

3. What will happen to the current Trader team?

The core WSI Trader team will all become part of the AG2 team. This includes product management, engineering, sales and a member of the meteorology team. While we will be operating as a new and independent entity, you can rely on the same personal relationships and high level of customer service you have experienced in the past.

You can find below the new email addresses for the members of the team you frequently interact with

Todd Crawford:

Rob Boucher:

Mike Germaske:

Lex Carroll:

Rhian Pearson:

Joanne MacGillivray:

4. What products are included in the acquisition?

WSI Trader and all products that are part of the Trader product portfolio are part of this acquisition. This includes the global WSI Trader platform as well as the entire Trader product ecosystem.  Examples of products in the Trader ecosystem are the North America Load Forecasts, WindCast IQ wind generation forecasts,  and seasonal and sub-seasonal forecasts.

5. Will the data and content in Trader (including The Weather Company data) change as a result of the acquisition?

IBM and The Weather Company (TWC) will become a close business partner to AG2 whereby TWC will continue to provide AG2 access to its industry leading forecast data, team of energy meteorologists and API services.

Data and content from third party sources such as ECMWF and others will remain seamless and consistent.

6. What are AG2 future plans for Trader?

AG2 intends to invest in innovation for Trader adding to the base of rich and accurate data that it already provides. Initially, focus areas for investment will include improved useability, AI for richer insights, and additional data sets that are valued by commodity traders and industry experts focused on risk management through the use of  data within Trader.  

7. Will AG2 have its own meteorology team?

Todd Crawford, PhD, will be the Chief Meteorologist at AG2. At IBM Todd was focused on supporting multiple product lines. Now leading the meteorology team at AG2, he will be solely focused on WSI Trader and ensuring it continues to deliver the most skillful forecasts to the industry. He will continue to work closely with the TWC team to foster joint meteorological innovation between the two companies.

8. Will Trader have a new Name?

Trader will continue with the same name. In the near-term, “WSI” will be phased out and WSI Trader will become Atmospheric G2 (AG2) Trader.

9. How will the acquisition affect existing customer contracts?

Existing IBM/WSI customer contracts will be assigned to AG2 and will honor the terms for the duration of the contract and renewals.

A select number of Trader customer contracts will be retained by IBM for the duration of contract terms per its divestiture policy. AG2 will be a sub-contractor to IBM supporting these contracts. In advance of the current IBM contract expiration and renewal, AG2 will contact you directly to issue a new AG2 contract.

10. How will WSI Trader customers get support?

IBM will continue providing customer support to Trader customers during the transition period post-closing. If you have a support request, please continue using the contact information for support that you are currently using. We are planning to establish enhanced support via AG2 later in the summer and we will notify you of the change.

11. Who will invoice me for my current subscription, IBM or AG2?

For the next invoice date post July 1, 2021, you will receive an invoice from AG2 based on the contract terms that have been established in the contract with IBM/WSI. For customers who require changes to supplier EIN, the AG2 EIN will be shown in the AG2 invoice.

For June and July, some customers may have already received an invoice from IBM. If so, please remit payment for that invoice to IBM. For the next billing period, you will receive an invoice from AG2. For customers who require changes to supplier EIN, the AG2 EIN will be shown in the AG2 invoice.

For IBM retained customers, you will continue to receive invoices from IBM for the duration of the contract term. When the contract is renewed, a new contract will be established with AG2 and you will receive invoices from AG2, directly. You will be proactively notified by your AG2 account team in advance of your IBM contract expiration.

If you have questions about your IBM invoice, please use the contact information provided in the IBM invoice.

If you have questions about your AG2 invoice, please email or call +1 407 377 1487

12. I previously received a notice about Rio Paloma Holdings II, LLC. How are they related to AG2?

Rio Paloma Holdings II, LLC was the legal entity used to complete the transaction with IBM. Following the completion of the sale of, the company name will be Atmospheric G2.

13. Where can I get more information?

For additional information, please refer to Also, please reach out to any of the Trader sales, product or meteorology team members you may already be working closely with.  They will be happy to share more about the transaction and future plans for WSI Trader.

Todd Crawford:

Rob Boucher:

Mike Germaske:

Lex Carroll:

Rhian Pearson:

Joanne MacGillivray:

By  phone, please call +1 470 377 1487